Meals 4 Monologues 2017 Atlanta Basic Info

The Atlanta Casting Director, Cheryl Louden-Kubin, is proud to announce the 2017 return of the annual Meals 4 Monologues charity event to Atlanta.  Non-perishable food items are being collected for The Center for Family Resources Food Bank.  Please join us in this fun, relaxed event that is a unique opportunity to connect actors and the Atlant Casting Community while supporting a good cause.  This annual event of the Casting Society of America (CSA) is sponsored by The Atlanta Casting Director and Get Scene Studios.

2017 participating Casting Directors include:

  • Rita Harrell
  • Jen Kelley
  • George Pierre
  • Chase Paris
  • Arvold Casting
  • Winsome Sinclair
  • Kris Redding
  • Chez Casting
  • Jessica Fox-Thigpen
  • Olubajo Sonubi
  •  Cheryl Louden-Kubin
  • and more ...


Free Event
December 16, 2017
1:30 - 4:00pm
(just show up - no appointment needed)


  • 2 non-perishable food iteams to donate
  • pics and resumes to hand out


  • a 1-2 minute monologue OR a 2 min scene with a partner (not both, please)


Get Scene Studios
451 Bishop St.
Atlanta, GA 30318
Parking is limited.  Please use Uber or Carpool.  Do not call the studio.


Have fun, support a good cause, network, connect with top casting directors, and make the world a little better place!

Atlanta Meals 4 Monologues Flyer 2017 - Atlanta Casting Director